The Premier In Home Education

Founded in 1990 by Pastor Wayne Atchison and his wife, Connie Atchison, Hope Christian School has been the leader in Church Schools for over 30 years.

After 4 years of home educating their four children, the Atchison's realized that the very few school choices available at the time provided limited resources and extracurricular activities. Hope was founded out of a desire to create a Church School that would provide the social interaction, support and structure that parents need and desire when educating their children.

Over the last two decades, Hope has grown from one graduate in 1990 to over 120 graduates per year, on average. We have been blessed with tremendous growth in every area, from the Hope Eagles Athletic Program to the multitude of various activities available to the students of Hope.

The Lord has used Hope as an instrument to support parents in their God given right and responsibility of educating their own children. We feel tremendousley blessed to be a part of this amazing school and give God all the glory.

Benefits of Enrolling

“We offer a means of academic accountability and records keeping that enables you as a parent to focus on the important responsibility of providing your child the best education possible…”

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“With an enrollment of more than 1500 students in the K-5 through 8th grade levels on a typical school year, Hope offers area support groups and activities unmatched in the State…”

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High School

“At Hope, we provide High School & College workshops, suggested course of study for Standard, Academic, Advanced Academic and Business Diplomas, curriculum insight, scholarships and college entrance…”

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